Everyone is a little bit racist, even 300

Tehran has made their official critical review of 300, and they think the movie is psychological warfare for a fight against Iran. Iranian newspapers had titles such as “”Hollywood declares war on Iranians”.

I haven’t had the time luxury of seeing the film yet, but reading the original comic I didn’t leave feeling Iranians heritage was insulted. In fact, I was pretty impressed with the Persian’s empire and their leader, Xerxes. I mean, he had to be placed on quite a pedestal to lead that many legions of men to expand the empire. That commands respect.

I’m not going to doubt the movie was western-centric. But still, common, a declaration of war from Hollywood? For shame.


One thought on “Everyone is a little bit racist, even 300

  1. The comment that this movie has anything to do with the war in Iraq is ridiculous. It’s just some reporter trying to make a story out of nothing.

    It’s a movie based on entertainment, nothing else.

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