Longevity: correlation not causation

I read this article recently discusses life changes one can make that can improve longevity. Some of them were rather interesting. Here are ways I could increase my life expectancy

  • Live in a small rural area — I assume this means less city-folk diseases! Just sheep ones.
  • Make less than $50k/year. As the wise man once told me “mo’ money mo’ problems”.
  • Get a professional degree. Education is often listed as a top correlating value with longevity
  • Continue working past 65. I attended an interesting seminar on one’s “Power Years“. Main point: life is a journey, not a destination. Prepare to change courses often.
  • Live with a spouse/friend.
  • Exercise at least 5x week for 30 min. Even if it is walking — get the blood flowing.
  • Listen to you body when you sleep. Sleep no more or less than 8 hours. You should be able to wake up naturally on time without an alarm clock if you are well-rested. The father of REM has an excellent book on the subject.
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