tips to live a long life

Several events in my life started me on a longevity kick recently. My father had triple-bypass surgery, I was dangerously close to receiving an adult-onset diabetes diagnosis, and I was at my heaviest weight. So, I began looking into ways to improve not just my health, but my longevity.

  1. Exercise 6x/week (+2)
  2. Eliminate fast food (+1)
  3. Limit red-meat intake to 2x/week (+1)
  4. Work no more than 6 days/week (+1)
  5. Work 40 hours or fewer week (+.5)
  6. Apply SPF Daily (+.5)

The article also had other suggestions/recommendations for a long-life.

  • Give blood every 8 weeks (possibly helps “purge” system but this is debatable
  • Increase interaction with friends and family – helps with stress management
  • Wear a seatbelt especially on so called quick trips
  • Drink green tea instead of coffee
  • Drink alcohol, but moderately. Avoid sugary mixed drinks. An ounce of scotch has about 115 calories! Check out this list of caloric values of other alcoholic beverages.
  • Floss daily
  • Avoid all processed and deli meats – high in sodium and nitries.

Overall, it recommended general stress management techniques. Most of them are fairly straight-forward, but it’s strange how we let the demands of life make them difficult to attain.

  • Leave plenty early for meetings so that you arrive 10-15min early. Use this additional time to check email, make/return calls, get gas, or– here’s an idea! — think about the meeting.
  • Plan regular pleasure events
  • When you have the choice, go to bed earlier rather than later. So, instead of staying up late on a project, wake up early for it. Most people have better cognitive functions when they first wake up. That being said, use your morning time to think.
  • Try something new and excel at it. Never knit before? Try it out.
  • Demonstrate and receive love.
  • Take frequent breaks. This doesn’t mean multi-tasking. In fact, that is the opposite. Take physical breaks to stretch, do some push-ups or jumping jacks.
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