Wine or liquor — which makes you get fat quicker?

The answer: it all depends on the wine or liquor, and how much you are comparing. Assuming 4 oz servings for wine, sweet white wine can just under 90 while the dryer ones are only 60. Red’s are usually about 70. Rose’s are the best, with 60. Ports are the worst, with 160.

Liquors tend to be more concentrated in not only alcohol, but sugar. Southern comfort is basically sugar with 140 for a 1.5 oz serving. Scotch whiskey, gin, and vodka are your best bet at 115. The higher the proof, the more the calories (115 for 94 proof vs 125 for 100 proof).

The worst are mixed drinks. A Long Island will put 790 calories into your system — enough to power at 150 lb body for about an 8 mile run at medium pace. And those delicious margaritas? Don’t expect to get less than 250 calories — or 3 miles on the treadmill. The sweeter, the worse.

So, drink wine and be merry!


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