21% of calories is in liquid form

The New York Times had a recent article about caloric consumption of Americans from water is a shocking 21%. Either a lot of us haven’t disconnected from the teet, or we sure do like our liquid cocaine.

The problem is that most liquids do little to curb appetities, called “weak satiety properties”. This usually results in people seeking larger quantities, with more calories but not nutrients.

The article brought up an interesting point I hadn’t considered but agree with wholly — the danger of artificially sweet drinks like Diet Coke. The drinks can condition you to desire sweeter foods. Try this only water for 2 weeks. Feel free to add citrus. Now, try an entire Diet Coke when you aren’t really thirsty, or have had a filling meal. The objective is not to seek having your thirst so called quenched. After three of four sips you will begin to flinch at the taste, or at least I did. The same applies for salty food.

Also, stay clear of smoothies and sweetened coffee. Most *small* Smoothie King drinks have 500+ calories. Even the protein ones are 90% carbs from sugar and only 20g of protein. Drop 100 calories by ditching the “turbinado” which is just another word for pure, unprocessed cane sugar. Let’s be honest, unless you are running a 10k and burning 600-800 calories, you don’t need this much carbs from sugars in your system. If you have to have a Smoothie, try their low carb drinks.

So, what *can* you have? Well, water! Add some citrus for flavor or, if you must have the sugar, spritz carbonated water with a splash of juice with no sugar added. You’ll be amazed at how little you need to add to flavor.

Drink tea, black tea preferably. t’s effects may lower cancer, improve bone density, and expand arteries to improve blood flow. But not all tea is the same. Note that study was partially funded by Unilever, which owns sugar-infused Lipton Tea. Avoid this junk.

Drink coffee. Just brush your teeth to avoid staining, and don’t add sugar and cream.

Alcohol isn’t bad. Just keep it moderate. I wrote about the caloric instake on alcohol.

Milk is unclear. study up on it more if you really want it and don’t get your essential nutrients in another manner.


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