I’m a bag-man

I have a big ol’ Dell XPS 1710 desktop replacement system. It travels with me, however, rather frequently. I’m also a big fan of 100% mobility. However, as anyone knows who has tried to find a computer backback for a Dell XPS 1710 or similiarly-sized behemoth, it’s rather hard to find.

So, I was pleased to hear about the Booq BOA XL backpack. It’s priced at just over $200, which is pricey but needed if you wish to tote your system around. You can also check out
http://rushfaster.com.au/ for other options, although I found Booq to be exactly what I needed.

Here are the system’s dimensions for your reference:
WIDTH: 15.5 inches/394 mm
HEIGHT: 11.3 inches/288 mm
DEPTH: 1.6 inches/41.5 mm


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