Small tortoise

A small tortoise.

Small Turtle

A very, small tortoise.

small tortoise

Mutant small tortoise.

Small Tortoise


77 thoughts on “Small tortoise

  1. Did you know I own a russian tortoise.. I love him.. he’s the coolect guy ever. The babies are super cute but you need to be careful. I prefer the russian tortoises over the others as they can and will stay small (about 5-6″) whereas other can get to be well over a foot or two long and need to be kept outdoors.

  2. oh my gawwwddd this turtle is so cute i just want to lick it. what kind is it i totally have to have one!!!!! lolzzzz
    p.s. if it were my turtle i would name it boobie
    how hawwttt is that!?!?! i know right?

  3. i have a tortoise his name is billie and he is very tiny but he is nine years old

    p.s save the tortoises around the world xxxxx

  4. OMG!!! those tiny tortoises are sooooo cute!!! idk why but i am sooo obsessed wit turtles and tortoises!! U hav no idea!! luv the pics!

  5. Wow. These little guys are so adorable. I’ve actually been looking to buy a pet for my daughter and i think these tiny tortoises look like the perfect pet. I was wondering what these are called and how one might go about purchasing one. If anyone has any information please contact me at


  6. I’ve been searching 4 the smallest tortoise as a pet, my parents said they saw one in a local pet store but if u have some info plz post thanx very much!!! p.s. i ❤ teh pics!

  7. I have two horsefield tortoises, and they live in a tortoise table in my room. The male is called rex, and he is four years old, and the female is called roxy :] i got them for my 12th birthday, and have had them for around a year 🙂

    the baby is really cute, but are soo tiny and fragile .x

  8. i Have 3 German Tortoise’s They r Mint aii
    The 1 Baby Has Problems Growing 😦

    Poor Thing

    They r Really Messy Things :L


  9. Oh GOSH i want that turtle so badly. I love turtles and the first TWO pictures of the baby tortoise are so cute!! If you have any information on how to buy it or where I can buy the same kind please call or txt me about it. 571 276 8173

  10. Hey everyone I have been looking for a small tortise and i was wondering if anyone had any info. on where you get these animals if anyone does plz let me know!!! Thanks!!

  11. all tortises start their lives at about the size of a quarter and can reach sizes 4inches to 5feet and 200lbs.
    if you want a small tortise that will stay small you should look at the russain or greek tortises and stay away from kinds like the african salcata or leperd tortise. ps. don’t keep them in a tank they don’t like it. and never feed them fruit!

  12. Those baby tortoises are super cute! My bf and I are looking into getting one right now. I think it’s important that anyone who wants to get 1 bc they saw the cute pics need to realize that most of these tortoises get 40-60 lbs and live to be 80-100 years old. They also have vey specific requirements as far as feeding, heating and general care go. They can be expensive when cared for properly and very sickly when not. Please research pets before getting one. Also, the last pic is actually a water turtle called a red-earred slider, not a tortoise. They are fun as pets, I had 1 when I was younger.

  13. just wanted to ask what you guys are all thinking!!! do you not realise these guys are actual living creatures, they are not a fashion accessory. just cos u think they’re cute its no reason to go out n buy one. some tortoises can live for over a hundred years n if you dont even know how to spell their name, let alone how to look after them, then maybe you should consider getting yourselves a toy instead of a living animal!!!!!
    p.s. this isnt directed at Ali who was the only person who actually talked any sense!!!!!

  14. Is that cute tortoise a baby or a full sized tortoise. some years ago my tortoise had babies but unfortunately they were eaten by a rat….. so sad. They were the cutest things ever…… never managed to keep them alive. when i kept them inside they died also….. shame….

  15. they look lovely, but you got to realise this is a endangered animal and probably stolen from the wild, you carry on and there will be none left to see, never mind have as a pet. Please admire and leave alone..

  16. those tortoises are gorgeous, i’ve gone tortoise crazy recently!aahhhhhhhhhhhh, i just want one but every one says there hard to keep, expensive, and hard to look after. also, i dont think my parents wud be able to handle, wat do u guys think?

  17. Well I live in the mediterranean so the weather is not bad except in summer when it is very hot. But yet again tortoises can take warm weather and since i leave it out in the garden to wander about, it finds shady cool places to rest. Living in a country with mild weather is ideal for a tortoise to be left roaming free outside and not in an aquarium. Tortoises love sunbathing 🙂

  18. You have quite a following. I amd positive I could not post three pictures of turtles and receive a single comment… even if they were mutant.

  19. What is the **smallest** turtle that I can buy at a pet store? I’m looking for a turtle that isn’t big. Are those photos baby turtles?

  20. fyi the third picture is NOT a tortise.its a turtle.looks sort of likea red eared but cant tell.turtles and tortisise are very , toattaly different.

    p.s the TORTISE is cute. The TURTLE is freakishly cool.

  21. The deformed one with two heads is well cool but its a yellow bellied turtle not a tortoise just thought id be a wido and point that out lol 🙂 the other two are lovely too! the one at top is bloomin tiny 😀

  22. dude u know nothing about turtles do u? no i dont think so.. the two headed turtle is a common SLIDER TURTLE!! you DA and yeah wat a fat ass wife u got must really love all dat becon hahahahahha

  23. helloooo i was just wondering what is the best type of tortoise to have. I am only 12 and i am saving up. I want a tiny tortoise that only grows to about 5″-6″.

    please reply i am really exited and want to no all about them …

  24. Its sooooooo cute, right now I m also having one tort and it kind of star or leopord print type I don’t know more about it ,but still I love to be with them .Pls tell urs tort is of which type and share some more information with me.

  25. My son received a tortoise as a gift. We have ‘scampi’ for just over a year now. Not sure what type he is. Can anyone help identify him. Thanx

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