What is an O-omlaut?

I was speaking with my father the other day and he gave me a car-scent that had the name “Felföldi”. I thought — how strange to see those two little dots on top of the “o”. Turns out that is the correct way to spell my last name. Since no such letter exists due to limitations of typwriters and later keyboards, we have been replaced with a simple “o”. I would only see it spelled correctly if someone wrote in by hand.

So what is the o with two dots? The term is o-omlaut.

Also, the spelling better clarifies we are not italian. The letter Ö occurs in the Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian, Azeri, Turkish and Crimean Tatar alphabets, where it represents the vowel sound [ø]; and in the Swedish, Turkish and Icelandic alphabets.

What does an O-omlaut sound like? The sounds represents the vowel sound words early, burn, curly. Which means pronouncing our name would be “fell-ful-dee” opposed to the “fell-fol-dee” if we were plain “felfoldi”.

However, modern HTML coding as allowed for us to make up for this technical inadequacies. Hence, i can have my signature at least spelled correctly.


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