5 powerful reason to drive slower

A year ago I got a mini cooper. I know enjoy driving so much that I rarely go over the speed limit. I just like to cruise in it.

Doing this, however, made me aware that 75% of all drives speed at least 5 miles over any posted speed limit. Having been 1 point away from having my license revoked, I understand the desire to speed. But, now having a motivation to drive slower — a car that is beyond fun to cruise in — I have to laugh at all these law-breakers (a misdemeanor is a misdemeanor!) What’s the rush?

Zen Habits posted an excellent article on reasons to drive slower and how to do it. Basically, save gas, money, lives, and sanity. It questions saving time, but I want to go ahead and say you really do save time by speeding. But is it worth losing the others?

The ideas on how to slow down are listen to relaxing music, ignore other drivers, leave early, brainstorm, keep to the right, and enjoy the ride. I’d like to add to these

  • Listen to non-pundit talk radio like NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me! Subscribe to the podcast for free.
  • Plan to arrive 15 minutes early everywhere. Take this 15 minutes to go the bathroom, collect yourself, call a friend, check your mobile. Whatever. You’ll find that when you leave 15 minute before you normally do, you will probably get there only a few minutes ahead of time anyhow but relaxed and ready to start the event.
  • Drive in the right hand lane. Always. It’s kinda funny to watch everyone zoom by you on the left.
  • Combine exercise and your commute! If the distance is less than 3 miles, ride a bike.
  • Finally, get a MINI (or convertible equivalent) and enjoy the ride.

2 thoughts on “5 powerful reason to drive slower

  1. very good points, but i think most ppl know how to slow down. in fact they just dont want, because they have their reasons for driving fast. they have another point of view. u shouldnt list reasons for slow-driving, u should tell em reasons against driving fast. i think u can reach them much better that way

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