Do you have enough wealth?

I get bothered by several things in life, but one of them is when I hear about other’s making $60,000 and complaining about how they are always out of money. The other is when people say they want to be rich. Below is a man who is as rich as I wish to be one day.

I am 80, my wife is 72. We have more money than we will likely spend. We own our home and have excellent health insurance. We inherited our cemetery plot. There is nothing that we want that we cannot buy and pay for in cash. Now that we have reached this point in life, the only thing we could ask for is good health, and no earthly being could grant that.

On top of that, we have three adult children living close by. There is seldom a day that we do not talk to each one on the phone. They always express their love to us in their own way. They may be different, but they are reasonably close to each other. We see no reason for them to fall apart when they divide our assets.

From Joseph Heller, the novelist who wrote “Catch-22.”

At a fashionable party on Nantucket, someone pointed to another person at the party.

“He runs a hedge fund. He’s worth $100 million or $200 million.”

“He’ll never have what I have,” Heller responded.

“Oh? What could that be?” Heller’s friend asked.



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