Diet Log

In conjunction with my triathlon training, I’m also keeping a diet log. I have about 10 days of data.

The findings
I always thought I ate less than 2,200 calories daily, but I was wrong! Actually, I did eat less than 2,000 calories, but as the days progressed this swung up widely. I engorged on an estimated 3,100 one day. Yikes. I’m averaging about 2,600/day with the usual culprits of bread, baked goods, and mixed drinks as the cause causing the creep. Gotta curb that and focus on proteins and low-burning carbs like fruit. Other things I’m learning…

    I eat too much calories after 2pm. Dinners wrongly take up to 50% of daily caloric intake. Solution: largest breakfast, keep carbs in the morning, make breakfast the night before, perhaps while cooking dinner.
    Not enough greens. While I think I eat more greens that most people, I’m not eating enough. Solution: A good rule of thumb I learned in Mindless Eating is to serve your meals as half green. Eat this first; you will feel fuller faster as you are eating the more tasty fats and carbs on your plate.
    Too many baked goods. I have a wicked sweet tooth. Solution: Avoidance tactics aren’t working, but portion control can. The first two bites of any sweet are the best. After that, your tastebuds begin to habituate. Think 3 bite portions.

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