Planning for a Triathlon is fun!

When I read that my training plan would take about 10 hours a week, I thought no big deal. My mental calculation was that I have 8 hours every day to myself during the weekdays, and 24 during the weekend (assuming 8 hours rest). What I forgot to consider was the changing, showering, meal planning, scheduling, reading/learning that goes into training! Not to mention that 8 hours/day does not feel like enough sleep. By 8 or 9pm I’m struggling to keep my eyes open, but still feel a bit restless trying to get to sleep.

So morning workouts are often being pushed back to evenings, which means my evenings consist mostly of 2 hours of exercise-centered activities. Not that I’m complaining — I actually enjoy this! I feel like I’m working on something everyday, and even the workouts have something new to offer each day. Because the times are constantly changing, I’m changing my rhythms (2 min hard, 2 min soft) and working on technique. And I’m catching up on a LOT of podcasts.

And it was fun to pick out our cottage in Boone! Thanks to Jessica for finding this gem.


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