105 vs. Ultegra. Is there a diff.?

So I’m finding something out about groupsets – or combination of cycle components. Here is the order of road cycle components in terms of quality (weight/price/material):

> Sora (7 or 8-speed)
> Tiagra (9-speed)
> 105 (10-speed)
> Ultegra (10-speed)
> Dura Ace (10-speed)

There is a great discussion online about it here. From what I can gather stick with a 105 unless you are serious to go all the way to Dura Ace. I have Ultegra on mine, but mainly because the cycle was listed at the wrong price and I got it at $999.


One thought on “105 vs. Ultegra. Is there a diff.?

  1. 105 to Dura Ace are generally considered race quality. Unless you’re really fussy about precision and have a lot of money, Ultegra is all an amateur racer really needs. (Some would say that Dura Ace is for people who’s sponsors are paying the tab.) There arer a few set-ups that include a mix of 105 front derailieur and Ultegra rear, or Ultegra front and Dura Ace rear. If you are not racing, 105 is all you will ever need. Also, check out Champagnolo and SRAM.

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