How to reduce the cost of your electric bill — get a tankless water heater

I received a quote for the tank-less water heater from Rinnai from RS Andrews. In the end, I will have to invest money to purchase and install the system — substantially more than a water heater tank. However, within the next billing cycle I should see a 50% decrease in my electric bill. Within three years I should see 100% ROI. Within 10 years, 188%.

What’s more, with all the tax credits and such, the $4,600 investment will only be $2,600 out-of-pocket. Not bad for reducing my super-sized 14 carbon foot-print.


  • Gas bill, not electric bill. Tank-less uses natural gas. The cost of electricity is, on average, significantly higher than natural gas.
  • Only have heater on when using water. A tankless water heater only comes on when you start to use hot water, and immediately shuts off when you are done, so you are not wasting energy when you do not need hot water. They do not store hot water.
  • More efficient machine. Most gas fired water tanks have an Energy Factor of only about .62. If you have an existing older tank it is likely to be .55 or less. Rinnai tankless units all have Energy Factors of .80 or greater so they are much more efficient than tanks.
  • No wasteful pilot flame. There is some electric use for direct spark electronic ignition, rather than a pilot flame. Typically less that 100 watts per hour during operation, and adds up to only a few dollars of electrical energy per year.
  • You can set the water temperature. You can set your desired temperature from a minimum of 98 degrees to a maximum of 140 degrees via a touch pad control.
  • Consistent Water Temperature. Rather than heat several gallons of water, a tank-less heats the water has it flows. You will have consistent water no matter how many or long showers you take.

To see savings calculator, go here.

Cost calculator
$4,595: Cost of Rinnai 2532 Tankless Water Heater + Installation
$ 500: Discount – RS Andrews General Offer
$ 820: Discount – RS Andrews Bronze Maintenance Member 20% Discount
$ 400: Rebate – Atlanta Gas Light Discount (by Sept 30th)
$ 300: Credit: Energy Efficient Tax Credit from US Government (by Dec 31st 2007)

Oh yeah, and Rinnai is one of Vascent’s clients.


One thought on “How to reduce the cost of your electric bill — get a tankless water heater

  1. A tankless water heater is definitely on the top of my homeowner’s wish list. We recently installed triple pane energy star windows, and heating and cooling is so much more efficient now.

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