Which road bike is best for you?

So you decided you want a bike. Now ask yourself — what type? Check out this website from bike component maker Shimano.

  • Road Bike The traditional road bike historically has been used for road riding, club rides and criteriums.
  • Time-Trial/Triathlon Bikes These types of bicycles are built for speed and are designed to position the rider out in a more aerodynamic body position.
  • Touring Bikes A touring bike is built for just what the name says, “Touring.” The idea of hopping on your bike with a bunch of panniers and going out to see the country side.
  • Cyclo-Cross Bikes Cyclo-Cross began in Europe as a form of cross training in the winter for cyclists. Cyclo-Cross is the idea of riding a modified road bike off-road.
  • Track Bikes A track bike is probably the last bike you want. But for experienced cyclists who understand what track racing is and the excitement of it, it can be a very exciting form of cycling.

Because you never can have too many bikes.


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