Convert your voicemails to SMS text messages

I got turned on to this fantastic new voicemail management web app called Callwave. Currently free while in Beta, the web app effectively connects your cell phone and PC to help you manage your communications.

With CallWave, you can now treat your voicemail like email, text from your desktop, archive messages for life – and more. Without buying new stuff or changing phone numbers. Signing up is easy and quick, and in most cases, you’ll find our products are free

My favorite feature is VText Gist, which parses your new VM and sends you a SMS text message with the “gist” of the message. So, if someone leaves you a minute voicemail, you will get a text message with just the important stuff. Also, you can configure to receive the full transcript to your email address, and attach the voicemail as a wav.

All for free. “But wait, there’s more.

There is also a great web app that allows you to

  • manage your call log,
  • play back/preview in non-sequential order,
  • view the VText gist message,
  • send a text reply,
  • a “click to call” feature that connects your phone to the caller

And the true geeks can download widgets that allow to interact with these tools from your desktop without starting up a browser.

All for free.


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