Information Overload? AIDERSS to the rescue.

I was turned on to this free RSS management solutionfrom a blog posting at Spunlogic . Called AIDERSS, it tauts itself as “the most efficient way to get the news and posts that matter”. After using it for a month, I whole-heartedly agree.

From the website:

AideRSS is an intelligent assistant, which continuously monitors RSS feeds, finds the good stuff, creates a PostRank™, and delivers it to you. We do the grunt work of collecting information on every post, allowing you to focus on your agenda and stay on top of the news stream.

What it means? Rather than reading through hundreds of postings from The New York Times, you subscribe to AIDERSS. The webapp gives each posting a rank based on the web communities activity on the posting. The assumption is that if people aren’t talking about it, you probably don’t need to know about it. So, a posting that has 0 blog links or comments is not considered important. I use the tool for Digg and it’s like a filter for a filter! Thank goodness.

Now, are you going to miss something “important?” Possibly, but you have to ask yourself the criteria for important. Reading every article is not the way.


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