Keep your email private with 10 Minute Email

At some point in your web-surfing career, you are bound to hit upon it — a site asking for you to give your email in order to get access to something. And, without thinking, you give it because you want that something. A month later you are flooded with spam.

I’m not one to state cause and effect, but I will say there is a high correlation between giving our your email and spam.

Well, now there is a solution — 10 Minute email. Simple click on “generate email” and you have yourself an email and inbox that will self-destruct in 10 minutes. Need it for a couple more minutes? Not a problem, just renew it every 10 minutes until you get into that registration-protected website.

10 minutes later, you no longer exist, and you can ensure your inbox remains clear of crap.

Oh, and if you do need to register with a site for repeat visits, make sure you register with a second “trash” gmail account. You can always connect several together from gmail via forwarding. For example, whenever someone I don’t know ask for my email address, I give them my trash. This is similar to some complete stranger coming up to you and saying “if you want to pass, give me your email”. Well, I do — I give them a “fake” one.


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