Mindless Eating Tips

The goal of mindless eating is to eat less, with less guilt, but more nutritiously and with greater enjoyment. That is, rather than fighting with diet (and yes, you will gain it back like the majority of others), than focus in placed on changing your environment so that you don’t mindlessly eat those 100-200 extra daily calories. It is those “mindless eating” calories that has people gaining an average of 5-10 lbs yearly.

So, pick just 3 of any of these tips and try them for 28 days. Use a checklist to make sure you stay on target.

  • Walking 1 mile/day = 100 calories = 10 lbs/year
  • Dish out 20% less than you think you will want.
  • Stop eating when you are 80% full — you will get “fuller” over time.
  • Since you are you are bound to eat less if you see all the dishes you’ve finished, don’t clear your table
  • Since we “eyeball” dish size, add “fluff” to food to increase volume — onions and lettuce.
  • Half your plate should consist of a veggie. Serve as much as you can eat of those, and eat them first (save the best for last!)
  • Sit down to eat. We engulf fast food in 11 min, while restaurant food takes 28 min. The more people, the longer we take to eat.
  • Rather than serve plate by plate, put entire meal in front of you; don’t count on seconds.
  • Since we eat more out of larger packages/plates/glasses, put food into smaller packages/plate/glasses
  • Since we eat more when there is more variety, limit meal to 2 varietals.
  • Since we eat what is readily available, put fruit, veggies, and nuts in front and hide/make inaccessible snacks — consider taping rather than clipping shut!
  • Since you pace your food intake with those around you, sit next to the slowest eaters.
  • Slow your eating by placing down your fork between every bite. Don’t hold it in your hand.
  • Share dessert with at least 3 people — the first 2-3 bites are the best and the rest have diminishing sweetness.
  • Since you eat more when distracted, commit to only eating and not driving, watching, or even reading (as I type this I eat dinner sigh)
  • At restaurants, ask not to be served bread, split any entree (it will always be enough to serve 2-3 people), and pick only 2 — appetizer, drink, desert.
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