To busy to cook a meal? Try

I’ve just completed my third full day of and I have to say — I’m liking it. I selected the 2000 calorie plan and I’m finding it hard to finish my food sometimes. This morning it was an sausage and egg bake with baked potatoes; it took me a good 30 minutes to finally eat it all.

How does it work? You just pop it into the microwave for 1-3 minutes or longer if you use toaster oven and you have a delicious, fresh tasting meal — amazingly not like it came from the microwave. It’s easy to take the meals to work and keep in the fridge. Also, since you pick up or delivery twice a week, the food tastes fresh. Apparently, the meals rotate every 5 weeks, so I can look forward to a new meal every day for over a month!

If you are wanting to make a case for it, I recommend you try it for just one week. There are no contracts! You will save time (shopping, preparing food, cleaning) and energy (thinking about what to cook) and possibly even money in surprising ways (gas, water, electric bill). However you look at it, you can rest assured you are eating a good, healthy meal, which is a great feeling period.

How it could improve

  • The containers are made of plastic; I asked if there was a way you could return them to be recycled and they said the USDA won’t allow it. So, off to the recycle bin they go.
  • I wish they had a 5-meal plan rather than just 3. As a substitue, one day I tried the 1200 meal and I was left hungry. I added a piece of toast and banana to help even things out. This is also better in that I get food in multiple times a day.
  • Prices are on the high side. A single person on a 1200 5-day play could get away with $400/mo. That’s an average of $6.67 meal, which is a pricey breakfast, so-so lunch, and cheaper dinner in terms of the quality of food you will eat. Of course, you can’t compare to a $3 1000 calorie hamburger from a fast food joint; nor can you compare the immeasurable improvement to you health from skipping this.
  • I’d actually like to see more veggies. I don’t feel I’m getting enough calories from them.
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