Animal Abuse

Animal Abuse


55 thoughts on “Animal Abuse

  1. This is actually a photo of a poodle whose owner thought it would be cute to cut and die their fur to make them resemble a teenage mutant ninja turtle.

    I think it is just mean.

  2. omg you are sooooooooooooooo mean. that isnt even funny you think your cute doing that? PSH i say otherwise! that animal is not ur little testing play toy! DUDE GET A LIFE!

    • I happen to know the person in this photo…she loves her dogs and would never do anything to hurt them…we do this with our dogs…it’s a competition…it’s nothing that hurts the dogs…so why don’t you think before you speak…or a least do a little research…

    • yes PLEASE DO a paper on that.. and maybe you will learn something.. please ask me questions.. please come MEET MY DOGS and ask THEM how the feel about it.
      and dont be calling people names if you dont understand what is going on…

  3. I think it’s creative! I mean what harm does it do? Should someone yell at you for cutting your hair or dyeing it?.. What is the harm, really? It’s not like they were planing on having turtle soup! Give them a brake, ppl in Asia eat dogs, I think that’s way worse than a Ninja Turtle Doo.

    • i hate animal abuse too, i see negelcted and abused animals everyday and i HATE it too…

      creative grooming is NOT animal abuse.. these are beloved family pets that get a funny haircut once a year..

  4. I agree with So. It’s not that bad. As long as they shave the dog afterwards, it’ll be fine. I’m doing an essay on animal abuse. Go to google and search the pics. There’s way worse. How about the guy in Costa Rica who starved a dog and called it art?

  5. wow. this is so wrong. even if you didnt do it. whoever did needs to stop. we need to make it illegal for this if it isnt already.

    • this is not cruel…if you’re doing it correctly, there will be no harm done to the dog…it is illegal in some states…like florida and oaklahoma…my mom is a creative groomer…i watch her do this to our dogs….trust me…not abuse…our dogs feel so pretty…they prance around as if saying ” look at me…aren’t i so cool?”…

  6. I agree with So. It’s really not that bad. There are animals out there get treated way worse than this! it’s really no big deal! They probably cut all of the hair off afterwards! So you people need to stop freaking out over nothing! And it’s a really cool idea!

    • most of the time the dogs hair is left for more competitions…it’s not cruel…6 of our dogs are used in creative grooming and it is not cruel…they enjoy it…all the attention and love from people…i think it’s awesome…

  7. for the people who dont see the harm in this, you need to understand that animals have diferent reactions to chemicals. this dog could have got skin infections for all we known. this is a form of crulty. the fact they this lady won money for what she did really worries me. yes she is creative but she should use her creative skills in a more constructive way. i dont agree with animal testing, just because that is way more worse than this doesnt make it any less important.

      • I can see both sides of this… first of all, I dont see this as animal abuse, but you have no real way of knowing how the dog feels… however, The people who are objecting this should do something more productive with their time- such as speaking out against ACTUAL animal abuse; animals who get hit, kicked, starved, etc., just for the heck of it. But also, sandypaws, your skin IS so much different than your dog’s skin. They have different chemicals, different nutrients. Testing it on yourself isnt as effective as you would think and might only end up with YOU getting hurt. What we need is a line of products especially for this. lol. I think the dog looks adorable. And if this is only once a year, and the dog is given veterinary care and treated nicely, I dont see any harm in it. That dog is probably treated like a Prince/Princess for the rest of the year. It’s what you DONT see that makes the difference.

  8. I personaly agreee with So and Sarah because yes its very creative and original but the animals do have very sensitive skin to certain chemicals. The ppl that do this should also think about how the dog must feel about all of this, becuz real dogs wernt made for this no matter wat some ppl say, they wernt!.

    • .. poodles were bred to hunt and fetch dead ducks out of ice cold water for 8 hours a day..
      so you think instead of dyeing and cutting her hair.. i should shoot ducks and make her go fetch them for me????
      well OK let me get my gun, and find some ducks…

  9. I think anyone who is on this blog and is bitching about what they did has no life and needs to get one so stop bitching everyone

    • i agree.. there are worse things in life to worry about..
      this is just a dog with a fun haircut and some color in her hair…

      maybe these people should focus all this energy on puppy mills or people that dont feed their pets

  10. there was alot worse things than this these two teenagers took a family dog duck taped it’s legs put a towing chain over it’s neck and dragged it behind in thier vehicle but before that they had beaten it even more so why bitch about how she died her poodle different colors and cut it’s hair to look like a teenage mutant ninja turtle

  11. poor thing.people need to stop this abuse and start carring.dogs have a heart just like we do.they diserve to be treated equaly, cows should not be cooked even thow i love meat it is just MEAN and all the other animals.if you really have a heart go out and by an animal an animal dosent care if you are rich or poor or about the cars you have give him your heart and he will give you yours. so start carring about the animals

    • if you treat an animal well and respect it and understand it gave its life for you to eat.. then it is OK… it is not “mean”..
      they are NOT EQUALS.. so you think a COW should have the right to VOTE??? cows should have the right to freedom?? cows should have the right to own a gun??
      they are NOT our equals..

  12. I am a creative groomer myself, and I happen to know the wonderful lady who did the Ninja Turtle groom. She adores her poodle and would NEVER do anything dangerous to her precious companion.

    For those of you concerned about the dyes used, they are semi-permanent vegetable based dyes and blo-pens….blo-pens are non toxic children’s markers. No dangerous chemicals are used on these dogs.

    Since you brought up the issue of ‘chemicals’ and ‘reactions’…..I’ll bet that most of you ‘haters’ feed your dogs kibble, or some form of processed dog food. Well, guess what?? You need to do some research in THAT department….the broken down proteins are absorbed through the intestinal walls, not in the gut where it should be…..causing many different types of cancer in canines…if you are truly concerned about animal ‘abuse’, you should be taking on the large dog food companies who are making your dogs sick and cutting years from their lives.

    These dogs are high maintenance breeds…..they MUST be groomed whether it’s creative or breed profile, so why not get creative if one so chooses?

    These are dogs, they are NOT humans. They do not care what color they are or the type of groom they wear….they just know that they are special and love the attention they get…..please do not be so quick to judge us…..we love our pets the same as you do and would never do anything harmful to them….

  13. I AM the one you all are talking about…. maybe some of you should LEARN and ask questions about a subject before bashing someone and call it “ABUSE”.. if you think trimming and dyeing the dogs coat is abuse then you have NO IDEA WHAT ABUSE IS..
    please tell me WHY you think it is mean???
    my dog is my CHILD!! she loves the attention,, all the dyes are dog and child safe, and i am only cutting her HAIR.. does it hurt you to get a haircut?? my dog also get her blood checked 1-2 times a year to make sure she is healthy..
    you are also forgetting this is a CONTEST and the dogs only look like that for a few hours.. and then they are clipped down into “normal” haircuts.. so what, the dogs look silly (in your opinion) for a couple of hours.. big deal.. they are a beloved cared for family member that gets a funny haircut once a year.. some “show” dogs get funny haircut AND show dogs GET DYED..and BLEACHED and sprayed and chalked etc etc…
    how DARE YOU call this animal abuse… i can show you picture of REAL animal ABUSE if you want to see it..
    please engage your brain BEFORE spouting opinions and bashing strangers..

  14. I’ll be you people who think this is cruel have never even seen a creative grooming competition or met a creative grooming dog. gee, lets all look at a picture and form an opinion. DO YOUR RESEARCH.
    Bullet is right, they need to be groomed anyway, they are high maintenance dogs. You should be more concerned about people who get a high maintenance dog and neglects their grooming. Have you ever seen a poodle that has not been groomed in 6 months? I have. Trust me, that is animal cruelty.
    The majority of the people who do this are groomers and these are regulated competitions put on by the grooming industry. These are the groomers own dogs and cherished partners.
    And Kenny, You are so right. And Caitlin, you rock! XOXO

  15. right now i am grooming a cocker that has not had a bath or a haircut since 09/08.. that is 10 month ago!!!! cockers should get groomed every 6 weeks.. this dog is so matted it can hardly move its legs and her nails are grown around in a circle (very painful)
    THIS is abuse,,, and this is supposed to be somebodys beloved pet?????? so so sad

    my poodles get a bath and brushout every WEEK… so when i see this kind of neglect it makes me sick

  16. omg… yes it didnt harm the dog… but seriously what would make you think the dog wants this done… would you every dye your hair or try to look like a fuckin ninja turtle,,,, no you wouldnt so yeah this is just effen wrong

    • HAHAHA….Thats exsactly what I was thinking! I know it didnt hurt the dog…the dog pobably even likes being groomed. The attention is what the dog is in it for. Although the dog likes the attention and has no Idea it looks like a ninja turtle, seriously…this is just retarded! Why would you make a dog look like that? Good thing the dog doesnt know…could you imagine how humiliated it would feel! You would be humiliated if you went to the Salon to be pampered and have your hair done only to come out of it with your hair done up like a big penis! Such a stupid thing to do to a “beloved” part of your family.

      You did do a good job though….lol

      • Oh ya….I forgot to ask (Since you encourage us to ask)…

        Sandypaws, What drug were you under the influence of when you thought this up? Let me know ’cause, shit…it must be good stuff!

  17. That is so cruel i have 4 dogs 2 cats and a fish and i love them VERY much THINK B4 U DO THAT!!!!!!You think animals like to be discolored and abused?!?!?!?!?!?WELL YOUR WRONG!!!!!You need to get a life thats cruel

  18. oh my god ! that is a selfish and heartless thing to do ! how DARE she do that to that poor creature? it could kill your pet if you dye its fur !

  19. I don’t think this is much animal abuse cause we cut and dye our hair too but i don’t think its fair to the dog cause i bet the dog didn’t like this very much

  20. Whether you will admit it or not, this IS animal abuse. You are embarrassing the crap out of this animal, and just because it doesn’t speak our language, doesn’t mean it doesn’t know. SO messed up.

  21. Well,at first,i thought she was carrying a giant stuffed toy,lol.I thought it was cruel,just because of the way the poodle looks,so at first,me and many other people,thought this was Cruel,by the looks,but now i look more into,not just the picture,and see that as long as the dog is not being harmed in any waymshape,or form,its ok.
    Though,i do think she overdid this just a teensie bit,of course,my aunt died her cat rainbow. XD

  22. Ok well I just read all the posts and seriously people you need to give this poor lady a break! we dress up for holloween every year dont we? our parents stick us in ridiculos outfits for parties and pictures right? heck some of us like costume parties and compititions? how is this any differnt? yes i agree its a little extrem but i checked out this lady’s website and some of her ideas are REALLY cool. and before you start bashing me, my Mother runs an abuse shelter for Rotties, dobermans, and a various asorment of mutts along with a shelter for abused horses. dont belive me check out SOAPSTONESTABLES.COM and SOUTHERN DOBERMAN. go ahead take a look.

  23. Omg!! reallY a Ninja Turtle lolSs
    awwhss dat dog is so adorable ugh this people dont have a damn clue about animal abuse>.<
    its juss sicknin to see a poor animal bein abuse
    but this isnt abused its gud to have ur dog groomed
    but dont like the fact dat its a ninja turtle lol
    but still ur very unique 🙂

  24. Are u serious?Sure its not something I would do and the dogs probably hate having to stand there for hours on end.But seriously people there are alot worse things to concentrate on!!If this is animal abuse then there r alot of other things u need to label as abuse as well.NOT GROOMING AN ANIMAL IS ABUSE,STARVING A DOG IS ABUSE,LEAVING THEM WITHOUT FOOD OR SHELTER,PHYSICALLY ABUSING OR VERBALY ABUSING THEM THESE R ALL EXAMPLES OF ABUSE!!!!GROOMING YOUR DOG FOR A COMPETITION IS FAR FROM ABUSE!!!!Yes its unnessacary and yes the dog is uncomfortable but that dog lives better than some of the most spoiled dogs.These competitions happen like once a dam year or less!!!!!!!!!!!Its not like this is a daily occurence.You people need to open your eyes and concentrate your efforts towards real animal abuse.

  25. i hate animal abuse. Stop it. Certain people decided to use their human power over the world to tame animals for their own selfish benefit. It can almost be compared to slavery.

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