Atlanta traffic worsens

The Atlanta Business Chronicle ran a special report on Atlanta traffic and the findings were rather interesting. And it’s coming at an important time — with the average one-way commute at 19.7 and travel time of 35.9 minutes. Think about that — the average person spends $25-30 in gas alone to power only their daily commute, not to mention the weekly lose of 6 hours, or 311 hours and 13 minutes across a year.

Ever say you wish you had more time? Well, there are 6 hours each week.

Only 15% of commuters use commute alternatives three or more times a week (42% carpooling, 32% teleworking, 22% bus/train, 4% walk/bike).

The attraction of commute is strong. Even though I only work 2.5 miles from my home, during the warmer, humid months I often find myself hopping into my car rather than onto my bike. When I do get on the bike, however, not only am I keep the roads a bit tamer and the environment cleaner, but I’m also being a bit healthier. So the 1 mile grocery trip is by foot dodging all the cars going 50 mph in a residential zone.


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