Where I get my energy

Many of you have asked where I get my boundless energy. I, however, was more interested in learning where the nation gets its energy — or more specifically the US energy use for electrical and and transportation.

  1. 40% Petroleum — what powers the American fleet of vehicles, including suburban tanks
  2. 23% Coal — many of America’s middle-class town depend on this stuff to make they they can afford material goods
  3. 22% Natural Gas — it’s not the same natural stuff you produce under the sheets when no one is looking
  4. 8% Nuclear — always an option
  5. 7% Renewable — things we can use again, as in infinite, or non-finite.

If you break out the renewable into even more detail, you learn that 3.3% is from Ethanol and Biomass, 2.9% Hydroeletric, .25% Geothermal, .3% Wind., and a minuscule .07% Solar. But we shouldn’t be surprised with such small numbers. Renewable energy is a terrible market — how can you make any money off an infinite supply? Or maybe, rather, there is no demand. I mean, when was the last time you saw oil prices surge! Clearly, there isn’t a demand for this stuff called “energy” unless it’s in a finite form.

Source: US Energy Information Administration via US News.


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