Random Weekend

This weekend was monumental for me — it was filled with absolutely random, or at least non-standard, events.

Friday I went to go see a musical — The Last Five Years .

The story explores a five-year relationship between Jamie Wellerstein, a rising novelist, and Cathy Hiatt, a struggling actress. The show uses a novel form of storytelling in which Cathy travels backwards in time (beginning the show at the end of the marriage), and Jamie travels forwards (starting with the couple’s first date). The songs are presented as soliloquies, except for a wedding song in the middle, where the two characters share a duet.

It was a interesting and something I encourage anyone interested in the dynamics of couple hood.

The next day I was walking an Autumnal walk and stumbled upon a festival in Piedmont Park. I thought it was an Indian Festival due to the population, but apparently it was the Partnership Walk. I’m not entirely sure what they were doing.

While continuing my walk I stopped by Hipbone pet store and got a family picture with a turkey. Seriously.

That evening I watched Sicko. I dislike Moore’s approach, but his overall point still stands–what does this say about American society when we are willing to have an universal military but not health care system?

Then Sunday I was off to Sweetwater Creek Park, where I saw the Visitor Center — the first Leadership in Environmental Design Platinum (LEED) Certification building in the Southeast US, and 20th in the world. The building is a green machine as it is situated to maximize solar exposure for it’s photovoltaic array, as well as maximize passive warmth and cooling. Overall, the building has 51% less energy consumption that similar buildings or 27 tons of carbon emissions/year. It uses 77% less potable water due to rain harvesting and has a composting toilet system. Seriously–you poop and pee into a system underneath the building that is not directed to any sewer system or septic tank. Rather, the waste is wholly converted to compost, saving 82,000 gallons of water per year and a full “cradle to cradle” waste system. Amazing.

Then I attended the Larsen lecture on the elections of 1800.

What a fantastically random weekend.


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