The Engagement Story

Several people have asked about the so-called clever proposal I laid down like something fierce on Jessica this past October 6 . While I appreciate the positive words, I have to humbly say the proposal was less about witty content, and more about an unique delivery.

The story.

While walking to our friendly neighborhood Trader Joe’s for our weekly grocery trek (you can do that in Midtown), we decided to quench our thirst with water. We stepped into MetroFresh and were tempted by mimosas. While we chatted and sipped away the fair July weather (we had a cool July this year), Jessica thumbed through a “green” magazine. She saw this beautiful picture of Boone, NC and said “let’s do this.”

“This” was a triathlon.

She had to be jesting! I mean, she was thirsty and the mimosa was rather potent. This wasn’t even a sprint triathlon (don’t worry, I didn’t know the difference at the time either). Alas, she was already hydrated and I did notice the glass was, optimistically speaking, half full.

“Ok, sure, why not! But I’m serious, if I commit to this, I’m committing to this. No backing-out”.


We got serious. We trained hard-core for 6 weeks with 2 hour daily sessions 6x week. We had the lights go out on us multiple times while finishing up some last minute midnight workouts at LA Fitness (ok, it was really because we had been procrastinating that day, but this way sounds much more impressive). Then we vacationed for 2 weeks in Argentina with but 2 or three training sessions. Oh, and then got sick for 2 more weeks. And then what do you know it’s tri-time!

Throughout the training I sent her various cards weekly to encourage her that I bought in advance; they all had a tri theme. I dropped statements like “at our wedding we should a have Bluegrass band” and the like. She’s normally quick, but she just wasn’t picking it up. Maybe it was all that prior talk of “I’m not getting married until I’m 30. FYI: I’m 28 this December 18.

Race day. 3 hours of human cruelty. We both finally cross the finish line. I let her get some water — she’s gonna need her senses about her when I hit her with this one. I take Sasha’s leash from my mom. I kneel down next to Sasha and rotate her so Matthew’s photo shot doesn’t include the water cup trash can. And I begin.

“Since I’m already down here and I can’t get back up…”

Her button nose constricts and lips tremble. Even though she was still wearing her sunglasses the emotional flood began. I said some additional words that will remain private between Jessica and I (and Sasha).

“But before I ask, I think Sasha has an opinion on this one” (inside info: I talk on behalf of Sasha a lot…she says the darnedest things).

I reveal Sasha’s newly placed silver dog tag. It has a small diamond and the engraving “Marry Daddy!”

Jessica lunges at me (no really, she did), hugs me, and cries.

After a minute of hugging, I have to confirm the fact. I’m pragmatic like that.

“Does that mean yes?”

That it did.

The beginning.




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