Freaks and Geeks Review

While sick, I started a DVD marathon. One of them is the first disc of Seasons 1 of Freaks and Geeks, of Apatow fame. It reminded me why I have developed a select memory for the years 1994 through 1998. The social cliques, acne, trying to discover who you are and what it is all about..

Dodgeball, which I still like. Mathelets, which I did. Watching Monty Python on Homecoming Dance, which I didn’t do but I wonder how it would have been different if I knew how to dance like I do now. Watching the Drinking While Driving fear special periods. Trying to find someone to eat lunch with during lunch, which is why I started skipping lunch to do my homework in the hallway, skip school and go home (lived a mile from home), or go to newspaper (Speculator!) and socialize with my fellow newspaper geeks (most of whom openly desire to be “coolies”). Well, there was that Pass the Trash porker period.

The only thing I didn’t have to deal with was the bully. Is this stereotype real, or just something that comes up in high school films. Did you know of a high school bully? Where is he/she today?

As I’m watching the first show, in which the “heroine” dances with the “special” kid, and the female “freak” bully watches on in, is that jealously?, I have to say: putting it all aside, everyone was just looking to be happy, regardless of the what clique we found ourself in.

So, what is the collateral damage of being a geek? I still like/prefer going to museums, read geek magazines, don’t mind holding a LAN party, enjoy playing board games, listen to NPR (and even attend NPR recordings), and am proud that I created websites prior to 1996. The difference is at one time I did these things in shame, and now I do them with utter happiness.

So, without further delay, the Geek Test. Enjoy.


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