Like Stardust? Harry Potter? Try Coraline.

If you saw Beowulf and made it in time for the previews, you may have seen this preview for a movie called Coraline. There is also a better quality movie snippet.

My fiancee, who knits, was immediately drawn to this movie. I, who am fascinated with technology, found the stop-motion/CGI mix alluring. I did some research and found the movie is based on a popular young adult book by the same name. The book is by Neil Gaiman, of Stardust fame.

So, I picked up the book upon which the movie will be based and read it in one sitting (two, really, but in the same 24 hour period). It is fantastic.

And, as I’m finding with young adult books, I’m really enjoying the light moral stories. In this, it is an examination of hedonistic and existential philosophies. Or at least for me it ways. I do tend to read too much into things (pun intended). And I’m terribly corny.

Pick up the book in paperback or hardback today and enjoy it on a rainy afternoon.


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