A sign your friends are getting fiscally spoiled

The other day I was talking to a friend regarding the MacAir. My friend, however, felt that $1,800 “isn’t that much” for what you get — a light, really thin, super-powered PDA/underpowered notebook.

When did $1,800 become “not that much?” In college, $1,800 would get me through 2 months of living expenses, including automobile payments.

The average salary is $36,764 according to a 2002 report from the Bureau of Labor. Let’s say it’s been a good past 6 years and, in 2008, the average salary is an even $40,000. Assuming you save none of this, earning this much brings in $561 weekly after taxes.

For half of the working citizens wealthiest country in the world, a $1,800 MacAir is equivalent to 3.2 weeks of work.

No, dear friend, I think $1,800 is a lot of money indeed.


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