Ideal figure: 30/40/30

The numbers you see on the back of packages — “reference daily intake” — were introduced in 1973 as a label reference value for vitamins, minerals and protein in voluntary nutrition labeling. They haven’t changed in 36 years despite all the advances in nutritional sciences.

Currently, the RDI for a 2000 calorie (150lb) person are as follows:

  • Calories: 2000
  • Fat: 65g, of which sat fat should be no more than 20g
  • Sodium: 2400mg
  • Carbohydrate: 300g, of which fiber should be at least 25g
  • Protein: 50g

The result is an arguably carb-rich diet as percentage of calories are 30/60/10% for fat/carbs/protein.

Ideal figure: 30/40/30

Another suggested break-up is to divert more calories to be from protein sources (high-fiber beans, not steak!). The end result is a 30/40/30% breakup for fat/carbs/protein. When you do this, you will notice the following:

  • filling yourself on far less grains and pastas
  • if you do eat grains, they are whole wheat and unprocessed
  • increase in lean, low fat meats for protein (chicken, fish, poultry) rather than steaks
  • increase in beans
  • increase in high-fiber fruit and vegatables

I tried this and I have to say: I was full of energy and steadily lost a lot of weight. The food tended to be more fresh and not cause sugar rushes (pasta). I was successful at losing a significant amount of weight with this approach.

However, I struggled to maintain this weight lose because it was so difficult to continue eating according to these ratios.
Our meats (high sat fat) and potatoes (carbs galore) culture and apparently government does not support this diet. All these foods tend to originate from unsubsidized products so they are more expensive. But, it works and you will feel great so give it a try.


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