Top 10 Worst Foods

I find this list of the top 10 worst foods. Keep in mind the following recommended nutritional value for an adult (average),

Calories: 2000
Fat: 65g, of which sat fat should be no more than 20g
Sodium: 2400mg
Carbohydrate: 300g, of which fiber should be at least 25g
Protein: 50g

Some highlights…

McDonald’s Chicken Selects Premium Breast Strips sounds healthy. In fact, ounce for ounce, the Selects are no healthier than the chain’s Chicken McNuggets. A standard, five-strip order has 630 calories and 11 grams of artery-clogging fat. That’s about the same as a Big Mac, but the burger has 1,040 mg of sodium, while the Selects hit 1,550 mg — a whole day’s worth — even without the salty dipping sauce.

The Starbucks Venti (20 oz.) Caffè Mocha with whole milk and whipped cream is more than a mere cup of coffee. Think of it as a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in a cup. Few people have room in their diets for the 450 calories and 13 grams of bad fat that this hefty beverage supplies. But you can lose all the bad fat and all but 170 calories if you order a tall (12 oz.) with nonfat milk and no whipped cream.

Unless you’re suicidal, why on earth would you want to wolf down a Burger King Quad Stacker — 4 hamburger patties, 4 slices of cheese, 8 strips of bacon, plus sauce and a bun? That’s half-a-day’s calories (1,000), one-and-a-half-days’ worth of saturated fat (30 grams), and more than a day’s sodium (1,800 mg).

Interested in a Chipotle Chicken Burrito (tortilla, rice, pinto beans, cheese, chicken, sour cream, and salsa)? Think of its 1,180 calories and 19 grams of saturated fat as three Subway Steak and Cheese 6-inch Subs. Plus, it has 2,900 mg of sodium! Getting the burrito with no cheese or sour cream cuts the saturated fat by two-thirds, but you still end up with 950 calories and 2,690 mg of sodium.

Solutions if you must eat this crap

If you are not willing to stop eating the foods listed here, at least try this: eat half the portion. For example, the Chipotle Chicken Burrito is the size of your head. Try cutting it in half — one for lunch, the other for dinner, or share it. Not only will you take on half the damage, but you will promote a better metabolism by taking in smaller meals. Total damage: 590 calories, 9.5g of s.fat, and 1450mg sodium. Even less if you cut out either the cheese or sour cream (really, do you need both??)

Regardless of what you do, just skip the tortilla chips and truly savor them when there is some cheese dip around.


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