The Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants recently provided a list of the 5 healthiest national fast food restaurants. Please note that not everything on their menus are healthy, but, relative to other fast food options, these are the places with the best considerations. And healthy doesn’t always mean “low calorie”. Many of the places, such as Chipotle, server king-sized meals. Prepare to share.

  1. Noodles & Company combines 19 fresh vegetables with seven types of pastas in Asian, Mediterranean, or American entrees (think Indonesian Peanut Sauté or Wisconsin Mac & Cheese).
  2. Chipotle: the flavor and the healthiness are in the details�naturally raised, antibiotic-free meats, organic beans, and even hormone-free sour cream. Corn tortillas give you a whole-grain option, and the tortilla-less Burrito Bowl lets you ramp up the proteins and veggies. Just remember a single burrito is enough to feed two people.
  3. Cosi’s central theme—the hearth—yields tasty hearth-baked entrees (in the locations where they serve dinner), from Alpine Chicken to Grilled Wild Alaskan Salmon. High marks for baby carrots as a substitute for chips.
  4. Panera’s soups for great low-calorie and low-sodium options. Fresh fruit cups and apples make for healthy sides.
  5. Au Bon Pain now boasts hormone-and antibiotic-free chicken. Plus, it provides a great nonfood nutritional tool: computerized kiosks available in most locations allow you to plan your meal and even sort the menu by your goal—whether it be high fiber and protein; or low carb, fat, cholesterol, sodium, or calories.

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