Starbucks bran muffin — 430 calories

Such is the information revealed as NYC requires restaurants to begin posting the nutritional information of their food. This isn’t just light menu stuff, this is everything, including the 1900 calorie ribs at T.G.I Fridays.

This act is required by New York City law that went into effect today. Any restaurant with more than 15 branches nationwide must post calories on menus. Of course, it is being appealed by the NY Restaurant Association.

So back to Starbucks.

Walnut bran muffin – 430 calories
blended creme green tea – 650 calories
iced cafe mocha – 400 calories

My hope is that placing these calories next to the products will help people make better decisions. This information is available on nearly any chain restaurant website, but there is to be something said when the number is staring you down as your order it. So if someone wants to eat nearly 2000 calories in ribs, by all means they should eat em’ up.

What do you think? Would posting calories next to your menu change your dining out decisions?


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