Top 10 reasons to commute by bike

With the never-ending increase in fuel prices, and a similar increase in my waistline, I’ve tried picking up commuting to work by bike. I’m into my second week, and I love it. Here are the top 10 reasons to commute by bike, in no particular order.

  1. Be Productive. Do you find yourself saying you never have time to exercise, but then spend 30-60 minutes in your commute? Commuting by bike combines your commute with exercise — two birds with one stone.
  2. Exercise. 20 minutes on a bike can get you 4-5 miles and burns 225 calories. A round-trip will burn 500!
  3. Save money. You’ll save $300/year in fuel alone if you bike a 10 mile round-trip commute just 3x week.
  4. Relieve stress. My 25 minute, 5 mile ride is a great time to transition from work to home. And I have a good excuse not to be answering my cell phone.
  5. Meet people. When you bike, people wave at your. You meet other bikers. I can’t remember the last time I met someone while driving, and the only signal I ever got involved a middle finger.
  6. Save time. My commute by car would normally take 15 minutes on a good day, 30 on a bad one. Biking takes 22-23 minutes, regardless of what type of day it is
  7. Keep cars off the road. Because sometimes it isn’t about you.
  8. Help the environment. Ditto.
  9. Get Zen. This may sound fluffy, but I feel more “connected” to things biking. I notice the environment around me much more, if not for safety reason, but because sometimes I’m going up a hill at 8 MPH.
  10. You can speed to your heart’s delight. 35mph in a car may not be fun. 35mph on a bike is every time.

Not ready to commute by bike? Then consider making any destination by bike — picking up groceries, running an errand, or even going to the gym.

Other bloggers have similar top 10 lists.

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