An example of a spoiled American

The Dr. Housing Bubble blog recently featured a post that breaks down how quickly a family of four can spend a $100k yearly salary while living in Southern California. Or — how the top 10% of a families can spend their fortune. The list included things such as

  • $350k house in Southern California
  • 2 cars
  • Cell phone
  • Land Phone
  • Cable
  • Dry cleaning
  • $3k in annual vacation
  • 1% to charity
  • saving just over 10% into 401k

However, when I view this list, I don’t see a problem of too little. I see a problem of too much.

Poor six-figure wage earners. How troubled their lives must be! Never mind those beneath them. You know, the 90% of households. Let’s focus our attention how rising food and fuel costs are making things tight for those in the top 10% of households.

I suppose we could take this very list and apply it to them. There goes the 401k, vacation, and dry-cleaning. No $500/mo for “entertainment”, and definitely no $350k house in Southern California.

If only those lowly 90% would have had the gumption to invest in their education.


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