Fashion Tip – Prepare for grunge

I have this theory about fashion. Fashion, like history, repeats itself. In the mid 90’s, the fads were bell bottoms — a disco revival. Tie-dye even made a bit of a comeback.

Then, in the early 00’s, it was tight jeans and leggings.

So, taking this trend, this is my prediction of the next year. Neon. Greens, yellows, pinks, and oranges, but just very vivid.

Also, purple. Expect purple clothes, websites, cars, and accessories. 2008 will be known as the year of purple (or neon).

And this fall? All the plaid you can stand.

Now, I am by no means a fashioner. I prefer warm-ups and t-shirts. But that is my bet. What do you predict will be the fashions of the next few years?


One thought on “Fashion Tip – Prepare for grunge

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    Look im a guy – ive got no right at all really to comment on Maternity Fashion, it’s designed for a specific need. However, recently ive been quite taken aback by some of the Maternity Wear that is popping up on the high street shelves (i h…

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