Best sources of protein

Looking to increase your protein intake? Here are the best sources of protein due to their low fat / low carb / high protein composition.

Best sources of protein: Meats

Beef, Maverick or Sirloin
Boars Head Roast Beef, Canadian Style Bacon, Chicken Breast, Ham, Turkey Breast
Chicken breast, no skin and roasted
Pork tenderloin
Turkey breast, no skin and roasted

Best sources of protein: Seafood

Fish (white)
Lobster (no butter)

Best sources of protein:Dairy

Cheese, non-fat/low-fat
Cottage Cheese, non-fat/low-fat

Best sources of protein: Other

Boca Burgers
Egg Whites (or, add a yolk to every 3 egg whites)
Egg Beaters
Eggs (hard-broiled)
Protein Powders
Protein Bar
Boars Head Canadian Style Bacon


2 thoughts on “Best sources of protein

  1. Some other ideas to consider:

    Double meat at subway
    egg whites
    cottage cheese
    morningstar sausages
    canadian bacon
    protein bar
    special k high protein
    fiber one protein bar

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