Tip to Save Money on Gas — Tire Pressure

So you didn’t like my tip on how to save over $500/year on gas by cycling.

And you were not keen on my suggestion that you slow down and save 20% on gas prices.

But with gas prices continuing to go up, and Atlanta having the worse traffic in the US, you perhaps can appreciate this easy tip to save another $500/year on gas. It’s called checking your tire air pressure.

That’s it. Just make sure your tire pressure is on the mark. Every 2PSI is a loss 1% in fuel efficiency under the maximum level.

Now here is how it calculates

Consider the Environmental Protection Agency standard that a 1% loss of fuel efficiency occurs for every 2 PSI of air under the maximum level. Add to that the 2003 Department of Energy report that states that vehicles average 22.3 miles per gallon and 12,242 miles per year, and you find that each of the 81 cars burned 144 extra gallons of gas due to under-inflated tires. At $3 $4 per gallon, each car owner is spending $576 extra.

Most gas stations have an air pressure station. Some cost 25 cents. That is some serious ROI for you.


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