Eating Tortoise

A small tortoise eating a strawberry.

small tortoise eating strawberry, copyright Gwen Juarez Photography
small tortoise eating strawberry, copyright Gwen Juarez Photography

Here are its fellow small tortoises.


15 thoughts on “Eating Tortoise

  1. Lovely guy! You can tell if someone is a good person by how they see Tortoises… Only people with imagination and good heart will find it cute!
    I’m sending a big smile to everyone who does like Tortoises! 🙂

  2. I came across this little guy but his shell as been attacked by some animal when he was small. He is sooo cute. What kind of tortoise is he. I offer him or her all kinds of food and he turns his nose up to it. I have 3 desert tortoises so I kinda know how to take care of him. Does this bread hibernate? I’m kinda lost. thank you jan

  3. That’s actually not a tortoise, it’s a box turtle, but yeah, that’s really cute. I think it probably is a female, and a three toed box turtle. Well, he/she will hibernate if you lower his/her temperature in the cage. Some box turtles will try to hibernate anyways, but usually you can keep them from doing it if you keep the temps normal. Hope that helps!
    Oh, and do you deep him/her with the tortoises? Box turtles like humidity. And if it doesn’t eat, try giving it soaked cat food. It might like that! 😀

  4. My name is Gwen Juarez and I am the photographer who took this photo. I have recently been trying to track down all unauthorized use of this photo and came across your blog.
    I am flattered that you like my photo so much that you blogged about several years ago. However, this photo is copyrighted and is being used without my permission. When I Google this photo, your page is one of the first links that comes up and I am afraid it’s being stolen repeatedly from your site. It was originally stolen from my Flickr photostream. I never put it on Google.
    I don’t like being a jerk, but I must ask you to remove my photo. I make my living as a professional photographer. I can’t make any money off this photo because people won’t buy prints if they can get the image for free.
    I hope you understand. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
    Sorry 😦

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