Wedding Anniversary: Hand-crafted Invitations

If the devil is truly in the details then our wedding was indeed a hell-raiser.
I’m a digital designer by profession and perfectionist by habit. Jessica — a.k.a. “Craft-zilla” — may be more lax with some details, but that doesn’t stop her ambitious knitting of hats, socks, and baby outfits for friends. For our wedding, no detail was overlooked and even fewer were delegated or outsourced.

Wedding programs

Each guest received hand-crated invitations, which were conceptualized, designed, printed, and assembled by the power provided from magical margaritas from El Azteca restaurant. Several invitations were even hand-delivered due to delays in the production process. The same level of detail went into the programs (pictured above). These three-layered bad boys required two types of ribbons, brass tacks, exact-o knife cutting, hole-punching, adhesive spray, and border perforation. Perhaps unconsciously we kept our wedding small just to decrease the amount of effort. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

The table-top decorations were also assembled by the power of craft. Jessica’s mom procured a plethora of color-coordinated candles — last I checked, she still uses the extras in her house. Jessica placed two small pictures frames of our furry kids next to each candle arrangement. If you look closely at them in the photo above you will see that the poor pups are dressed in traditional bride and groom outfits. It’s amazing what dogs will do under the influence of meaty treats.

The crazy craftiness extended to the wedding favors, too. Each guest received a bag of handmade wedding favors, all assembled with care and love in the U.S. of A. Each favor was tasty, or at least tasteful.

  • “Watauga’s Waffle mix”: For our first “date”, Jessica ordered the cheapest item on the menu — waffles.
  • Maple syrup: This came with the waffles.
  • Trailmix in tins: This was symbolic of our love for mixing trails.
  • Tree seeds: Growth, nurturing, etc.

My advice to you is to get married.
If you find a good wife, you’ll be happy.
If not, you’ll become a philosopher.
– Socrates


2 thoughts on “Wedding Anniversary: Hand-crafted Invitations

  1. The maple syrup, for me at least, was reminiscent of our (dating) anniversary trip to Vermont, where we stayed in the loveliest of cabins thanks to the (Ellie) Duncan family!

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