Is Chick-fil-a Homophobic?

They have they best fries.
Earlier this January there was a tiny uproar in the homosexual community when it learned Chick-fil-a was providing food donations to a non-profit that believes that same-sex couples do not deserve equal rights, the Pennsylvania Family Institue. The organization holds an event with workshops like “Help, My Child is a Homosexual” and “Gay Marriages, What is the Big Deal” with sagacious advice such as “inviting [your gay child] home is one thing, but there is no display of affection.”

Chick-fil-a president Dan Cathy (son of the founder Truett Cathy) issued this statement, which sounds reasonable and great. As Dan the Man points out, Chick-fil-a donates food to tons of organizations, and none of it should be seen as a particular endorsement. Except then some bloggers started doing some research into the matter.

WinShape is Chick-fil-a's charitable arm
That brings us to Winshape, Chick-fil-a’s charitable arm. The non-profit is funded by the revenues that Chick-fil-a amasses when we enjoy their delicious food — their fries are the best! And, as Dan Cathy clearly indicates, they are willing to serve everyone and anyone in exchange for their coin. How noble that their pockets are blind to color, race, and sexual preference!

The issue, however, is that Winshape is NOT blind to sexual preference. When pressed, this is what they have to say when asked if LGBT people are invited to their retreat:

“WinShape Retreat defines marriage from the Biblical standard as being between one man and one woman. Groups/Individuals are welcome who offer wholesome, educational conferences and programs that are compatible with Biblical values and WinShape’s purpose. We do not accept homosexual couples because of the statement in our contract.

And there it is — Chick-fil-a directly invests your coin into their flagship non-profit that doesn’t welcome LGBT couples. Every year Winshape welcomes 8000 individuals, as long as they aren’t homosexual couples. We wouldn’t want homosexuals to have healthy, compassionate relationships, right?

And that brings me to the big question — do I continue to make my weekly visit to Chick-fil-a knowing that they purposely direct their profits to fund their flagship charitable arm that believes same-sex couples do not deserve equal rights? Or do I go on, enjoying those delicious waffle fries?

Word on the street has it that Wendy’s and McDonald’s have some excellent chicken sandwich options these days, and they cost less, too.


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