Facebook Detox – How I (Am Going To) Beat My Facebook Addiction

I’m addicted to The Facebook.

This addiction happened slowly over time. It started with a couple quick hits before going to work, just enough to get me through the day. Then I started to hit up The Facebook while waiting in line at the grocery store. Finally, it started interfering with my work and I was taking hits at the office.

I tried to control the addiction. I turned on a website blocker for firefox to limit my Facebook time to 10 minutes a day. But I gamed that system by simply hitting up the website from my smartphone, which was free from the time shackles. In the end I just turned off the blocker. I gave in; I gave up.

That was a year ago.

Fast forward to the present and the addiction has taken its toll. Here are some of the less-than-proud places I’ve hit up The Facebook.

  • in the bedroom
  • in the bathroom
  • while eating meals
  • watching TV or a movie
  • driving
  • flying

He who among you is without The Facebook Sin throw the first stone. Admit it, you’ve pulled up the website before and pressed refresh several times in a few minutes. That’s how it begins — the First Hit of someone tagging you in a photo or note. Then, the Second Hit of achieving the coveted “like” for your witty comment. And then finally the Great Wallop — persuading someone to completely overhaul their belief system because of your thoughtful, well-research comment (I’m still working on that one).

Have there been benefits? Sure, I now get paid to provide social media strategies for companies like GM, Rinnai, and Buckhead Life Restaurants. But the losses weren’t worth it. Too many have suffered because of my addiction. It has to end.

This series is about my Facebook Detox — how I am going to beat my Facebook addiction. Fellow Facebook Friends beware, this will not be pretty. But with your help and support, I can beat this.

So I ask — do you have any words of advice? Have you tried beating your Facebook addiction? What was successful? What wasn’t?


7 thoughts on “Facebook Detox – How I (Am Going To) Beat My Facebook Addiction

  1. Do you not have a facebook like button for this post?

    How am I supposed to show support for your endeavor and show my friends my support?

    This is insane David. Insane!

    I canceled my FB account for a few months, was very nice. I restarted it up again only to keep for family messaging and it has worked out well. It has really just turned into a family network at this point (which is very useful because family is so spread out geographically). I have toyed with the idea of creating two accounts (one for family, one for friends) but never really went through with it because I didn’t want to find myself lurking again.


  2. David, please keep me posted on your progress. I should really join you in your efforts. Although having an office outside my home has helped – now I usually just check FB once in the evening, but since I’m compelled to read everything everyone has posted in the past 24 hours, it takes me an hour or so to check it. That’s an hour I could be spending with my family, or exercising, or reading, or doing chores, or sleeping. Good luck! Stacy

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