Five Tips on Beating The Facebook Habit

Last week I decided I wanted to come to terms with my Facebook habit. There were several reasons I wanted to quit Facebook but most of them centered around I wanted to invest my time in something more productive. So how has it fared?

I haven’t really noticed I quit! Instead of spending my time on Facebook, I’m spending my time cycling and exercising, talking and hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in a while, reading, or, given the activity on my blog as of late, blogging about kicking the Facebook habit. Sure, I miss it, but I’m finding far more joy in the new found time.

Secrets to giving up Facebook

So what’s working?

  1. Stop obsessing about your news feed. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have such interesting friends! I used to log in several times a day and scroll through my entire news feed until I read everything from my last log-in. And often I would follow and read the linked articles, or save them to read later. Even though I had “hidden” about 30% of my 600+ “friends”, that’s still a lot to read. By not logging into Facebook anymore, I don’t see my news feed, and I’m not tempted to whittle away hours scrolling through other’s posts.
  2. Stop commenting on posts. I’ve identified this as the major time-suck. The posts themselves didn’t take a long time to read, but sometimes I would get into a flame war with someone over a rather ignorant comment (I’m sure they thought my replies were equally ignorant). The result — spending hours researching things online, forming an argument, and then having zero-to-no effect on the post commenter. In other words, a complete waste of time.
  3. Post status updates to Facebook from outside Facebook. Some find it humorous that I state I’m quitting Facebook but still post status updates and shares links from afar. Humorous or not, this has satiated my need to stay [virtually] connected to my friends. While I’m happy for those that are able to show restraint when they pop open a quick hit of The Facebook, for those like me that can’t, this has been key to kicking the habit.
  4. Read notifications only once/day. I send all my notifications to my RSS reader, which only gets updated every 24 hours. I get to read the comments my friends leave me (I hear you guys!) but I don’t know about them but once a day. The downside is that I don’t get to see “likes”, but alas life will go not knowing a friend likes something I posted.
  5. Make it harder to access Facebook. I had two links to Facebook from my phone — one for the app and another one for the website. I deleted both and haven’t logged in with my phone since. I’m apparently too lazy to type in “” into my mobile web browser!

Have you found any effective ways to control your Facebook habit?


5 thoughts on “Five Tips on Beating The Facebook Habit

  1. Yep, I used a timer to record how long I spent on facebook. During the course of a week, I spent as much time looking at status updates and dealing with requests for chickens or gems or mafia members as I would in a part time job.

    I quit FB simply because I was humiliated that I spend so many hours with it.

  2. I am too wanting to detox from FB. Got into so many flame wars and it’s not that I don’t enjoy them at all but they were very, very draining because sometimes people just don’t want to leave an argument at that even though it had already been “settled” originally after a long argument… Argh…then it gets dredged up again by someone else and it gets personal, etc. I do think FB is good for me in moderation as I am a bit of an introvert by nature and FB helps me stay in touch with people. But it is just taking up too much of my time and energy. I’ve found your entries about quitting FB all so helpful. I have started detoxing today. I checked my FB just once today for 5 minutes after checking my email (yes checking emails is also another thing that takes up time for me because I belong to several discussion mailing lists) … But I am making sure I am *not* going to spend more than 20 minutes on FB per day from now on. Nor am I going to check my emails more than 3 times a day!

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