El Pollo Loco Sides Nutritional Information

pollo loco

I eat at El Pollo Loco about once a week. Coupons in hand, I can get a delicious meal for two for under $10. I usually eat the same thing, a 2-piece chicken (skinless) combo meal with two sides.

But all sides are not created the same. Below are all the El Pollo Loco sides (small) ordered by calories, from lowest to highest.

  1. Fresh Vegetables, 4 ounces, 57 calories, 3g fat
  2. Loco side salad (no dressing), 3.2 ounces, 62 calories, 3g fat
  3. Light Cilantro Dressing, 1.5 ounces, 70 calories, 5g fat
  4. Mash Potatoes, 6 ounces, 124 calories, 2g fat
  5. Flame-grilled Corn, 4 ounces, 132 calories, 6g fat
  6. Cole Slaw, 4 ounces 134 calories, 10g fat
  7. Corn Cobettes, 6 ounces 162 calories, 5g fat
  8. Chicken Tortilla Soup, 6.8 ounces 165 calories, 8g fat
  9. Spanish Rice, 4.5 ounces 170 calories, 2.3g fat
  10. Pinto Beans, 6 ounces 196 calories, 4g fat
  11. BBQ Black Beans, 6 ounces 200 calories, 3g fat
  12. Sweet Corn Cake, 3.7 ounces 250 calories, 10g fat
  13. Mac n cheese, 5.5 ounces 253 calories, 15g fat
  14. Sweet Potato Fries, 3.6 ounces 327 calories, 20g fat
  15. French Fries, 3.8 ounces 329 calories, 17g fat

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