RIP Steve Jobs

I can’t state enough how much Job’s creative genius has impacted my personal career, business, & design philosophy. Nearly three decades ago his vision would change how we the masses would interact with computers — via a graphical user interface. 20 years ago he would share with us the creative genius of Pixar, which has given me immeasurable joy & touched my spirit. 10 years ago he made us fall in love with his genius all over again in the form of digital music players, gesture-based mobile phones, & now gesture-based tablet computing — all while tenaciously battling pancreatic cancer.

Steve, I’ll miss your black, long-sleeved St. Croix mock turtlenecks Levi’s 501 blue jeans, and New Balance 991 sneakers. I’m happy to hear your Zen Buddhist spirit passed in peace in the warm, loving company of your family.

RIP Steve — you left behind a truly “amazing” legacy & “revolutionary” vision. Thank you.


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