Rubbing Me The Wrong Way

How to Avoid Chub Rub — Use Aquaphor

Running is all about friction points. Some of these friction points are helpful, such as the friction between your feet and the ground. In these situations, you want as much friction as possible.

There are other areas, however, where you do not want friction.

  1. Between your nipples and your sweat-saturated shirt. Even worse on cold days when “nippage” is likely to occur. It might look like those suckers could cut diamonds on such days, but I assure you they can not.
  2. Between your underarms and the side of your body. In running, your arms are like pistons producing momentum helping you chug along forward. To avoid viscosity breakdown, these pistons need to be well-oiled, just like a V8 engine. Just like it.
  3. Between your thighs, a.k.a “chub-rub”. Some people are blessed with ample space between their thighs. Others, like me, are not. If you wish to live the dream of walking the next day without wincing in pain at each step, friction reduction is required.

How do you avoid such friction? Aquaphor. Learn this name early, beginner runner, as you will be saying it often in regret when you forget it.


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