Vegan Day 1: Tooting Your Own Horn

dog toots its own horn

Yesterday I announced I was going Vegan for 21 days. My first day was made relatively easy with the support of my wife, who kept me full with breakfast (oatmeal, banana, blueberries). I could barely finish it, and it was a mere 300 calories (this is a very small breakfast for me).

However, as quickly as I was full I became hungry a few hours later. I staved off hunger with pre-made baggies 1 oz servings of almonds (170 calories) and peanuts (160 calories). For lunch, I struggled through a very tasty great northern bean dip with not so tasty raw veggies (200 calories). My reward was cherries and mixed berrie (150 calories).

About 5 o’clock I officially started getting hangry, so I picked up my first Arden’s Garden smoothie — Pump up the Protein (275 calories; 14g protein). I became slightly tired and sluggish by this point, which may have been me simply missing my afternoon caffeine fix.

By the time I got home at the bewitching hunger hour of 8:30, I was hangry once more. Thankfully, my wife greeted me with a deliciously filling meal of roasted rosemary sweet potatoes with whipped garlic & green onion cauliflower (425 calories). I literally melted into my chair with this very tasty and satisfying meal.

But here’s the thing — and I don’t know how to talk about it. So, I’ll gently introduce the subject in song and dance.

I once read that a person farts on average 14-20 times each day. I must be passing gas for two, and expecting twins.

Day 1 Vegan Stats

A quick look at my days’ 1700 calories and nutrients:

  • 57g fat (100% RDA)
  • 284g carbs (116% RDA)
  • 50g protein (122% RDA)
  • 47g fiber (230% RDA)

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