Vegan Day 4: I’m Crazy About My Nuts

The saving grace of my first week of going Vegan Plus has been my little baggies of nuts. Seriously. I rely on my little goobers — almonds or peanuts — to appease my appetite until my next meal.

I prepare my nuts. I pre-weigh and package my nuts in advance into plastic sacks so I know exactly how many calories I’m about to ingest with my 1 oz sacks of nutty joy (160-170 calories, depending on the nut).

My nuts sacks are small. My nuts sacks slide into just about everywhere — briefcase, car dashboard, office desk. In fact, my nuts are often tastier after they have warmed up in the car; my nuts are best enjoyed warm.

I can see my nuts. I can see through the clear plastic baggies, so I make sure to enjoy my nuts more slowly. In fact, I pack shelled peanuts so that I take the time to appreciate my nuts, one by one.

My nuts are intensely salty. I’ve never been a fan of almonds, but something magical happens when you roast my nuts with salt.

I grind my nuts. Almonds make a delicious paste when ground, which pairs well with a creamy delicacy of bananas and cinnamon.

Do you have a Vegan treat about which you are nuts?


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