What’s on Your Challenge Calendar?

exercise beans

It was just February I was reflecting on the trials and tribulations of 2011 and looking forward to the exciting events for 2012. Back then, my main issue was that I was gaining weight while training for half marathons. I combated that by committing to tracking 5/week exercise with different types of beans for the three different types of exercise — by foot (walking & jogging), by wheel (cycling), and by muscle (cross-fit). Also, I committed to “challenges” for nearly every month to keep my eye on the prize of shiny medals.

As a check-in, you can see my bean jar photo above — progress is being made! As for 5/week exercise, I’ve tracking that as well on a calendar. Finally, I’ve stuck to 8 out of 9 of the those challenges — the only one missed was because I was out of country (and with food poisoning).

Committing to challenges in advance has been very helpful in meeting my goals. In fact, it was the 2 months that I didn’t have anything planned — June and August — that I lost concentration and started to slip back into bad eating and exercise habits. My punishment? I responded by going Vegan Plus for 21 days, which I’ve now continued for 8+ weeks with some modest weekly amounts of mollusks — clams, scallops, mussels, and maybe squid.

So, here is the Challenge Calendar for the next 12 months, where this time every month will consist of some challenge, even if only a 10k or 35 mile bike ride. What’s more, this year marks the 5 year anniversary since my first triathlon, where I proposed to my wife. How are we celebrating? We are returning there in August for the 2013 Watauga Lake Triathlon!

What challenges are on your calendar?


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