What Would You Rather Be Doing?

If you could do anything you wanted to do for a profession — regardless of income, talent, education, or ability — what would you rather be doing?

At this year’s holiday parties, I had a lot of friends and family state discontent with their work. Concerns ranged greatly:

  • Some worked too many hours.
  • Some felt unrecognized by their boss or peers.
  • Some didn’t know what they would now do in retirement.
  • Some didn’t know how to start their career path.

Which is unfortunate, as most people will spend at least 1/3 of their adult life working. The other 1/3 will be spent sleeping, and the remaining 1/3 goes towards “life”, which often includes getting ready for work and commuting to it!

So I asked everyone I met the question above — “If you could do anything you wanted to do for a profession — regardless of income, talent, education, or ability — what would you rather be doing?”

I was pleasantly surprised by their replies. Many times, the replies were professions the people had no experience with or training in.

  • professional poker player
  • travel photographer
  • trainer for service animals
  • molecular biology lab lead researcher
  • actor/actress
  • chef
  • professional rock-climber
  • travel planner
  • broadway entertainer
  • travel writer

After everyone was finished dreaming, I asked them to accept a follow-up challenge. This time next year I was going to ask them what they did with their “I’d rather be doing” time. Did they take photography classes? Did they try to train their own pets? Did they learn how to rock-climb? Did they go on a trip? Did they join a amateur poker club? What recipes did they learn? Did they publish research? Did they perform in a community play? Did they help plan a friend’s trip?

And you…what did you do with your precious “rather be doing” time?

Me? I said be a professional blogger. I enjoy researching topics of interest, considering them, and sharing my thoughts with a blog post. This blog, then, is my “I’d Rather Be Doing”. And my challenge – postings once a week for the next year.

Let’s see how we do.


3 thoughts on “What Would You Rather Be Doing?

  1. Great question! This time next year, I would like to see – just once – my salary be matched by monthly book sales. With a new book to be published and a different author platform to launch, I am optimistic. If I really could be doing anything, it would be touring and lecturing about my books (and hey, Travel Channel, I’ve got a good idea for a show).

    Additionally, I guess I feel very fortunate that 2012 for me marked a great balance. Writing, travel and work all were all in alignment. Let’s see what 2013 brings!

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