Last Week to be a Hero

Donate and win a chance at some awesome prizes!

This is the last week to donate to fight blood cancers, support our first/last marathon, and win a chance at 1 of 6 raffle prizes. Talk about getting a lot of mileage out of your donation!

Here’s how we’ll do the raffle:

  • $120 LEVEL = MacAir laptop — the first 30 people to donate $120 will get a shot at winning a bee-yoo-tiful and lightweight computer. (It is lightly used and is in Lexus-certified pre-owned condition.) If you donated $120 but don’t win the MacAir — even at those insanely awesome odds — we’ll enter you into the iPad 3 raffle. Mind = blown.
  • $60 LEVEL = iPad 3 — the first 50 people to donate $60 will have a chance to win this prize. (It is lightly used but in tip top condition). If you don’t win the iPad 3 raffle (this includes donors at $120 level, too), we’ll automatically enter you into each of the four $100 giftcard raffles below.
  • $30 LEVEL = Four $100 Amazon giftcards — the first 60 people that donate $30 will get four chances at winning free money to the most comprehensive online store ever! We will draw four times — once for each of the four $100 Amazon giftcards.

Note that once you’ve won a prize, we take your name out of any further drawings. That’s why we’ll start with the drawing for the biggest prize first. Also, donations to either Jessica or David count — we look at your total donations to either or both of us. For example, if you gave me $60 on March 1st and David $60 on April 1st, you are entered into the drawings at the $120 level. You can almost taste that sweet Apple, huh?

Have you already donated $25? If you donate $5 more you will get you a $30 raffle ticket!

But you only have one final week to donate! After we complete the June 2nd marathon — it might take a few hours! — the raffle will be closed and the winners will be drawn.

Good luck!

Wall of Heroes

A big thank you to all our heroes — you have our gratitude and adoration!

  • Christian Dodder
  • Mary Duncan
  • Janette Pratt
  • Laszlo Felfoldi
  • Donna Rosenmayer
  • The Antons
  • tephanie Zech
  • Devin Albert
  • Sora Kim
  • Emily Dodd
  • Esther Smith
  • Phillip Barlow
  • Anyeley Hallova
  • Denise & David Pugh
  • Jerry Liu
  • Martin Ellin
  • Hollie Bredlow
  • Kevin Spears
  • Carol Ramirez
  • Kurt Martin
  • Tiff Lawrence
  • Regan Chorlong
  • Cindy Dennis
  • Brandon Kaylor
  • Nicole Locklear
  • Jason Rhoades
  • Jim Gilfillan
  • Ed and Michelle Hetherington
  • Jess Ward
  • Rusty & Lindy Parker
  • Ana Felfoldi
  • Matthew Krivanek
  • Erin Leymann
  • John Nelson
  • Courtney Brandt
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Christine Teo
  • Jennifer Castleberry
  • Marcy Carrel
  • Carlos Felfoldi
  • Julie Ohnstad
  • Shawn Gorrell
  • Christina Hamby
  • Mayre Kile
  • Susan Goico
  • Sarah Mancini
  • Cindy Chingo
  • Rhani Lott
  • Ami Koldhekar
  • George Lee
  • Bill & Bobette Webb
  • Kim Johnson
  • Janene Sullivan
  • Bob & Sandy Kadrie
  • Saadia Memon
  • Kristen Tullos
  • Deborah Johnson
  • Megan Pulst
  • Toni Pastore
  • Deb Floyd
  • Carla Bossman
  • Lisa Wolff
  • Amy Jensen
  • Katie Olliff
  • Norman Patry
  • Talley Wells
  • Christina Wall
  • Jacqueline Bullard
  • Stacy Reynolds

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